Monday, 26 January 2015

Attitude is not everything when it comes to disability-My article on Daily Life

I wrote an article on 'Attitude', a new series currently screening on the ABC which many of us living with disabilities have been critiquing.

i know i could have said a lot more especially when The Attitude Foundation misquoted Stella Young on Twitter the other day saying that she said ''the only disability in life is a bad attitude'' when one of her most well known works was critiquing this idea! Clearly they don't even read her work...

Anyway the link to my article is HERE

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Queer pride and body privilege-My 1st column for MCV magazine

Link to Article my 1st column in MCV (pg.8). 

Interestingly they didn't use a pic which shows my disability or use a graphic which highlights it. i would have preferred if they did given thats a lot of what I'm writing about...

I suggested the title of ''Queer pride and body privilege'' but they went with ''Queering the rainbow''